We place a very high emphasis on communication with our clients; making sure we stay in touch with them on a regular basis through telephone calls, e-mails and in person meetings.  Goals and objectives change constantly in this business so we want to be aware of any changes a client may have professionally and personally.  At the end of the day, this communication helps all of us involved.  Obviously the stock market is ever evolving as well so communication through this will help ensure client portfolios are serviced accordingly.

We believe that whether a client is conservative or aggressive, the portfolio has to be actively managed.  All investments, both conservative and aggressive, have some element of volatility.  At Bischoff Wealth Management we feel volatility creates opportunity.  We go to great lengths to proactively monitor and manage a client’s portfolio.  We believe in the cyclical nature of the both the market and the economy.  No one investment will always do good or always do bad.  Being disciplined in how we rebalance and invest a client’s portfolio through tax and cost efficiency is what will give our clients the best probability to achieve their financial goals and objectives.

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